How hair extension works - features and nuances

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  • How hair extension works – features and nuances


    How hair extension works – features and nuances


    How is hair extension carried out – features and nuances

    Dreaming of long hair, but you can’t grow it yourself? Fortunately, there is no need to wait for a long time now. Hair extensions will instantly transform you into a long-haired beauty. This procedure is not complicated, and in a few hours, you will show off luxurious hair and catch admiring glances. Find out how hair extension works, how to choose donor strands and other nuances of the procedure.

    How hair is extended – the essence and features of the procedure

    The hair extension procedure consists in fixing donor strands in the root zone. As the native hair grows back, correction is carried out, and the curls are re-fixed closer to the roots.

    There are different extension techniques – cold and hot, using keratin capsules, ribbons, braids, etc. You need to choose a technique based on the length and condition of your own hair. The most convenient is a capsule extension of Slavic hair. With them, you can easily swim in the pool or the sea, sunbathe, do any hairstyles, use your favorite hair cosmetics – everything as you are used to.

    An extension can be done even on short hair – from five centimeters in length. For such hair, the Spanish extension technique is the best choice. The main thing is that they need to be strong – then it is possible to extend them up to the waist and even lower. If the hair is thin and weak, then it is better not to overload it and get yourself a shoulder length.

    How to choose hair and prepare for extensions

    Before extending hair, you need to come for a consultation at the salon. During the consultation, the master will explain how to prepare for the procedure and choose the appropriate technique. Another important point is to choose the right hair for extensions. There are different types of strands on sale, but Slavic and South Russian are considered the best.

    • Slavic – the highest quality and most expensive. They are manually collected and stacked in the direction of the scales, so the hair does not get tangled. The strands look as natural as possible, they are soft and perfectly withstand washing. After correction, they can be reused.
    • South Russian ones are cheaper than Slavic ones, but in terms of quality, they are at the same level.

    For your hair extension, you can choose any of these two types. The main thing is that the hair strands are identical to yours in terms of density, structure, and other parameters. Every small detail matters whether it is thin or dense, soft or hard, curly or straight. For example, if the hair is curly and coarse, then the strands should be chosen just like that.

    Correction of hair extensions

    To prolong the effect of the extension and maintain the health of your own hair, you need to do the correction on time. Its frequency depends on the chosen technique. For example, with the capsule technique – on average, you should come in two to three months after the procedure. The fact is that the hair grows back under the extended strands and after a few months the capsules will be quite noticeable.

    Correction is also important to keep the natural hair strong. The fact is that during the extension, the strands are fixed on your own hair. When your hair naturally falls out, it is not combed out, as usual, but is held in place. Thus, the load on the native hair gradually increases. And untimely correction will weaken your hair.

    During the correction, the master removes the extended strands and re-fixes them at the roots. High-quality stands can be reused so you don’t have to spend more money.

    Myths and truths about hair extensions

    Hair falls out after extension

    Hair falls out every day, it is a natural process. The only thing that changes is that it will be fixed with strands. And if the hair falls out, the donor strand will keep it. And when removing, all hair that fell out during these two to three months is combed out immediately. So it’s more of a psychological barrier. In fact, under the hair extensions, your own hair will also grow.

    It will be noticeable

    In fact, high-quality stands will not be even visible. If the master chose the right technique, taking into account all the nuances, if the strands are ideally matched in color and structure, then the hair looks like you own.

    Hair needs special care after hair extensions.

    After the procedure, hair stands need more nutrition and hydration than your own. Because hair extensions do not feed on the roots. And caring for them is very simple and affordable. The main thing is to make sure that the hair does not get tangled

    Hair extension is expensive

    It is difficult to argue with this because you shouldn’t try to save on hair extension. Both good hair stands and the work of an experienced master cannot be cheap. An attempt to save on strands or choosing a specialist can lead to the fact that after the second or third wash, the hair will lose its presentation. And the high price is fully paid off by the beauty of your luxurious silky hair.

    Extensions are a great way to quickly transform, get a great hairstyle, and at the same time grow your hair faster. And we can say for sure: having tried it once, you will no longer want to give up on such a beauty.

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