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  • Наращивание волос в Alexandra Andreeva Studio

    Наращивание волос в Alexandra Andreeva Studio

    Imagine: all men stare after you, and all the friends admire the appearance. What kind of magic is that? No magic. With hair extensions, you will radically transform your appearance and create a unique image of a long-haired diva.

    All types of hair extensions are done in the beauty salon Alexandra Andreeva :

    • Hot Italian build-up (micro and nanocapsules)
    • Spanish cold extension (fixing hair with glue)
    • Hollywood extensions ( Tress extensions, sewing on a pigtail)

    We know everything about hair extensions! We follow new trends using the most advanced technologies to provide you with an uncompromising result!

    Safe fixation

    Safe fixation

    Professional extensions do not harm your natural hair. In addition, you can do absolutely any hairstyle, create a chic look anywhere and anytime. No risk of damaging the hair! Fixation is quite durable since the hair extensions are attached directly to the roots of the native hair. So comb your hair and do any kind of styling – hair extensions will withstand any stress.

    Stealth effect

    Stealth effect

    Strands of hair are attached to the client’s natural hair using special capsules. The capsules themselves are masked inside their own strands. Capsules’ size and color allow them to remain unnoticed even with a close look.

    Photos of our clients' beautiful hair

    Hair extension price list

    Italian hair extension "Microcapsule"
    Italian hair extensions from 80 to 150 strands
    UAH 4000 $100
    Italian hair extension from 250 strands
    5500 UAH $138
    Italian hair extension from 150 strands
    4700 UAH $118
    Italian hair extensions from 350 strands
    UAH 6500 $163
    Italian hair extension 2 masters at the same time
    UAH 8000 $200
    Italian hair extensions up to 80 strands
    UAH 3000 $75
    Hair removal with correction up to 200 strands
    UAH 700 $18
    Hair removal with a correction from 200 strands
    UAH 1000 $25
    Hair removal (no extension) up to 80 strands
    UAH 1200 $30
    Hair removal (no extension) from 80 to 120 strands
    UAH 2000 $50
    Hair removal (no extension) from 120 strands
    UAH 2500 $63
    Combing out tangled hair 1 hour of work
    500 UAH $13
    Spanish hair extension "Cold"
    Spanish hair extensions up to 200 strands
    4500 UAH $113
    Spanish hair extension from 200 strands
    5500 UAH $138
    Removal of Spanish hair extensions
    2000 UAH $50
    Hollywood extensions ( Tress )
    Sewing on tress 1 piece (Hollywood extension)
    UAH 1800 $45
    Sewing on tresses 2 pcs (Hollywood extension)
    2500 UAH $63
    Sewing on tresses 3 pcs (Hollywood extension)
    3000 UAH $75
    Sewing handmade tress 1 meter (Hollywood extension)
    750 UAH $19
    Sewing the 1st item
    750 UAH $19
    Installation of hairpins
    350 UAH $9
    Measurements for sewing tresses
    350 UAH $9
    Fitting a Velcro wig
    UAH 500 $13
    Fitting a wig or T-Parting
    UAH 300 $8
    Shearing a pastiger product
    1000 UAH $25
    Installation \ reinstallation of the system without hair
    UAH 1500 $38
    Installation \ reinstallation of the system with hair
    2700 UAH $68
    Removing the system without further installation
    UAH 800 $20

    The best masters are waiting for you right now!

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      Can I dye my hair after extension?

      What are the care tips for hair extensions?

      How long should my hair be?

      What types of hair extensions are there?

      Hair extensions do not interfere with your usual grooming and coloring procedures.

      All you need is to wash your scalp with shampoo as before, moisturize your hair with a mask and rinse with conditioner, combing your hair with soft combs.

      Hair can be extended if your natural hair is 5-7cm long

      The most popular is based on keratin (according to the Italian technique), the Spanish technique uses glue, Hollywood tress extensions, and tape hair extensions.

      The best materials, professional beauticians, and an individual approach to each client. Hair extension in Kyiv is now at a new quality level!

      In the beauty salon Alexandra Andreeva you can try the most innovative extension methods with a guaranteed result.Hot Italian hair extensions with microcapsules are a great example.

      Hundreds of our clients have already done their hair extensions. You can look at the before-after photos on our website and see the gorgeous effect of the procedure

      Transform your look today! We make hair extensions in just3 hours. Don’t you believe it? Then read the reviews of our clients.



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